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The Youth Dance Program at KPAC is an exciting and dynamic program designed to engage youth in the art of dance. Led by a team of experienced and passionate dance instructors, this program offers a safe and supportive environment for youth to explore their creativity, build confidence, and develop their dance skills.

The program caters to young people of all levels and abilities, from beginners who are just starting to explore the world of dance, to more experienced dancers who are looking to improve their technique and expand their repertoire. With a focus on contemporary dance styles, including hip-hop, jazz, and modern dance, the program offers a diverse range of classes that are both challenging and fun.

In addition to developing dance skills, the program also encourages social connections and community building among participants. Through team-building exercises, group performances, and community outreach events, young people are encouraged to work together, support one another, and develop a sense of belonging and pride in their community.

At the heart of the program is a commitment to fostering a love of dance and creative expression. By providing access to quality dance instruction and a supportive community, the Youth Dance Program at the KPAC is helping to cultivate the next generation of talented and passionate dancers.



The Nutcracker

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Recorded Dec 15, 2023 at KPAC



click the link below to view our 2023/2024 Dance Booklet.

Short Term Dance Programs

Interested in trying out Dance but don't want to commit to a full dance season?Try out our Short Term Dance Programs.

click the link below to view our current Short Term Dance Programs


BALLET / Ages 3+

Ballet is the foundation for all dance disciplines. Ballet is a physical art form that teaches musical awareness, flexibility, body co-ordination, mental quickness, personal confidence and self-discipline.

ACRO / Ages 3+

AcroDance is the combination of gymnastic style movements and dance movements into a dynamic style. Focus of the class will be on development of strength and flexibility while developing the physical literacy that is required for each age group.

JAZZ / Ages 4+

Jazz combines upbeat dance styles with elements of Ballet and is influenced by rhythms and technique. Jazz is a fun, upbeat style of dance which combines today's stylish moves with energetic, popular-age appropriate music.

TAP / Ages 4+

Tap is the discipline where your feet make the music. Paired with popular and classic music, students will learn to improve their timing and coordination while developing rhythmic and syncopated footwork.

HIP HOP / Ages 6+

This high-energy class not only improves physical fitness, but rhythm, freestyle movement, and self-confidence. This style of dance is funky, energetic and a lot of fun! Hip Hop dance includes a wide range of styles. The fundamentals of both “old school” such as popping and locking and “new school” like, krumping, voguing, wacking, and house are just some of the styles included in this class.


A high energy class that works on performance! Using the concepts of Broadway, we will work on using our bodies and our voices to tell stories. Although singing is not always required, we will be working on enunciating and lip syncing as well during this class.

LYRICAL* / Ages 10+
*(must have BALLET or JAZZ experience)

Lyrical is a dance style that blends elements of ballet and jazz. It is somewhat smoother and a bit faster than ballet, but not quite as fast as jazz. Movements are used to express strong emotions and are characterized by fluidity and grace with the dancer flowing seamlessly from one movement to another.

*(must have prior dance or BALLET experience)

Contemporary Dance is all about expressing emotion through organic movements and unrestricted lines. Incorporating elements of lyrical Jazz, Ballet and Modern dance, Contemporary is an exciting fusion which allows students to work through powerful and emotional routines.

*(competition mandatory)

Class designed to improve strength, power, and cardiovascular health, as well as improve posture.
This class will also include the proper technique of jumping and turning which are two technical aspects of dance that are used in almost all forms of dance and choreography. By taking technique classes’ students are able to develop their skills further, learning and improving upon the execution to prevent injury, falling or feelings of instability.

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